How long does brie cheese last?

How Long Does Brie Cheese Last

Unopened brie cheese can last for 4 to 8 weeks normally. If you have kept it in the refrigerator, well wrapped to ensure that no air has come into contact with the cheese, it can last for 6 months.\ But what happens if you have placed it outside at room temperature? Brie cheese will normally last for 2 weeks when it’s been kept at room temperature.

How to tell if a brie cheese has gone bad?

When a brie cheese goes bad, there are some indications that you can check to ensure that the cheese is no more edible. There are several things that you need to check for in order to make sure that the cheese is still good.

Check rind of the brie

This is a sign that the cheese is not good anymore when you see a blue-green color. This is due to bacterial growth already. Some might want to cut open the rind and have a look at the paste of the cheese. If it appears greenish or brownish in color, then it’s best just to throw away the cheese as it has gone bad.

The paste of the brie cheese normally should have a slight firmness when pressed, and it should never be runny in texture. One way to tell if it’s still edible is to put a small piece on your tongue and wait for some minutes for the flavor to develop. If you do not notice any taste or feel anything strange, then you can still eat it.

Pink and slimy mold

Another thing is to check for mold. This is hard if the cheese has been wrapped and stored well in the refrigerator. If you see pink or blue mold anywhere on the thick rind of the cheese, then it’s time you throw it away.

If you notice any slimy texture either on its surface or below it, this is a sign that there might be some bacteria already. Just throw away the cheese immediately to avoid any health risks.

If you find that there is a greenish or blackish patch on the surface of the cheese, then this obviously means that it has started turning bad. This could be because of some mold growth detected earlier which was not noticed in time for throwing it away.

Can you freeze brie cheese?

It is recommended that you should not freeze the brie cheese. There is water contained in the cheese, and it’s best to avoid freezing it. If you have frozen some by any chance, then defrost it slowly at room temperature rather than putting it into the refrigerator.

Brie cheese can last for 3 months if stored properly once opened. It can also be kept for up to 2 weeks outside the refrigerator when not opened.

Preservation of brie cheese is done in a controlled environment to prolong the shelf life. It should be kept in a refrigerator below 4 degrees Celsius, and it can last for 6 months if handled properly. Brie does not require any thawing before consumption. If frozen, defrost slowly at room temperature before serving or eating. There are some signs that the cheese has gone spoiled, which you can check for to ensure that it’s still edible.

How to store brie cheese properly?

  • You need to check for the date on when it was packaged.
  • If it passes its best before date, you can freeze it safely in an airtight container for up to 3 months.
  • Defrost slowly at room temperature before serving or eating.
  • Brie cheese is perishable and will only last about 2 weeks in the refrigerator once opened, 3 months if not opened.
  • It’s best to store the cheese in its original packaging inside the refrigerator, between 1 – 4 degrees Celsius. If handled properly, you can keep it for up to 3-6 months.
  • Brie cheese does not require thawing before consumption and can be eaten directly from its wrapping when brought back to room temperature.
  • If you know that the cheese is still good, but its appearance has changed, it’s still ok to eat. The rind might appear furry due to mold growth, and the paste of the cheese might be slimy in texture. Give the cheese a touch on your tongue before consumption just to make sure that there are no changes in taste or texture.

By knowing these simple signs of determining if brie cheese has gone bad, you save yourself from getting sick. It’s best to get rid of the cheese immediately once it goes sour or moldy so that no one can get any health problems. For more information, check out the websites below.


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